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Recovery - Substance Abuse

Supporting Recovery

I have been working with teens, young adults, and adults in recovery for over 20 years. I also work with people who are, or have been affected by the drinking, substance abuse, or mental illness of a friend or family member.  My experience includes work in inpatient and outpatient programs and in private practice.

My personal experience includes past abuse of marijuana and cocaine. I am active in 12 step programs, and have been sober for 27 years since January 1984. I have also been an active member of Al-Anon for many years.

I enjoy working with addicts and alcoholics, and supporting family members struggling with addiction. My approach is very flexible, and responsive to individual differences. While I personally have found considerable support in 12 step programs, I understand that this is not necessarily the approach for everyone. I am comfortable with Lifering and other secular group support approaches.

I believe in meeting a person where they are in their readiness to address problems, and work with them in a way that matches their stage of readiness for change. My work includes motivational interviewing methods, as well as support for the 12 step approaches for those who are working, or willing to consider working a 12 step program.

Drug and alcohol abuse create incredible suffering in the lives of both the addict/alcoholic and the lives of family members. While there is no assurance of success in recovery, there is no question that good support is essential, and quality professional support can help greatly in helping individuals recognize that a problem exists, and begin to take positive steps toward increase

In addition to my private practice I currently work with Larry Fritzlan Recovery Services, providing individual and family therapy, primarily to teens and young adults and their families.

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